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Advanced Encryption Package 2013 Professional 5.73.0

Advanced Encryption Package 2013 Professional 5.73.0 

Certainly there are information’s on your computer that you do not want anyone else to see and access. If this is the case and you need to protect your privacy and files than Advanced Encryption Package 2013 Professional is one of the best solutions for you. This software product will allow you to password protect all your files and keep your privacy secure at a high level. With just a few clicks this application can be downloaded from digzip for free.
One of the best ways you can use this program is in the case when there is a need for a security on a shared computer and you have limited options when it comes to security. User interface is pretty simple and even users with less experience will be able to easily get the hang of it. All the files that you are looking for on a HDD can be easily locate with a tree view.
It is now easy to apply a password along with a riddle to help you remember it, specify the algorithm type, first pack and then crypt files, and delete source files after conversion (a secured deletion is optional). These are all very useful options but it does not end here.
Among other features you will be able to input the output folders, create SFX module and ZIP archive, apply filters, send source files through email, decrypt them and similar. Also you can easily calculate file sizes, change interface skin, use password generator, open Command Prompt, use RSA key, view log file, etc.
You will notice that this software product needs a decent amount of your system resources but it will not jeopardize the responsiveness and stability of your system. What we also need to commend is the overwhelming help file that will help both beginners and more experienced users in case they get stuck. This help file comes with screenshots and similar so it additionally simplifies the usage. No matter of the level of experience this program can be used by all users, we can recommend it.

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